UGANDA, Gulu: A chance for peace

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Uganda, Gulu, 2004. Peace talks are going well and the general feeling is there will be an agreement between the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda. The civil war has gone on for twenty or more years and thousands are dead and perhaps millions displaced. Fighting levels are low, Uganda is using helicopters with United States on-ground support to decimate the LRA. Meanwhile the numbers of 'night walkers' is down but there are still security issues. The biggest problem remains the least reported: the large Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP) are overfilled and disease ridden. Unfortunately talks collapse seven months later and to this day Joseph Kony and his LRA are on the run. Life in Northern Region, though, has returned to relative normal. These photos are made in September 2004 at downtown Gulu, two IDP camps, a school for boys and GUSCO (Gulu Support the Children Organization).
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