CANADA, Leamington: After Work

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About 5,000 to 5,500 migrant workers are needed every year in Essex County to support the production of tomatoes, other vegetables and flowers grown in the fields and, increasingly, in greenhouses. You often see these workers, mostly men, riding on bikes on county roads or sometimes talking on a street corner in uptown Leamington on Friday nights.

Collette Broeders, a visual artist, and I wondered who these people were and if we could document some of their stories. We did our research and made our conclusions. The result is "After Work", an intermedia presentation.

You may see Collette's video contribution at

You may see our handmade book, the "orange book", at Windsor Workers Education Centre.

You may our framed prints and videos at Leamington Arts Centre in July, 2016.

Collette and I gratefully acknowledge financial support from Windsor Workers Education Centre Green Shield Canada Fund.
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