CANADA, Kitchener: Lot 42, a better tent city

57 images Created 26 Dec 2020

Lot 42---"a better tent city" ---is an encampment located on an industrial site in Kitchener, Canada. The flat hierarchy, experimental housing idea features ainside space for tents and twenty two tiny houses, all electrified and winterized, plus bathrooms, laundry, and a professional kitchen. Unsheltered persons pay the rent portion of their welfare cheques and there is a system of moving from tent to house. I started the project after being told about it by Joe Mancini, co-founder of The Working Centre and a man of high ethics. Kitchener has a homeless shelter and opiods challenge like many cities in Canada. What is different with Lot 42 is that it is actually working. I plan to continue after the second stay at home order is lifted which is likely in late winter.
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